January 29, 2016
February 5, 2016
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Few days ago I was interviewed by the cool folks at I thought I would post it here for all my lovely readers.


Read my interview with them :


So who are you? Tell us something about yourself.

A Bachelor in Biotechnology who worked in the corporate sector a couple of years, did a fashion course from NIFT while working and quit the job only to take up fashion blogging as a full time profession. I run a blog called ‘I Dress for the Applause’. Fashion has always been my biggest area of interest. I’m always on a look out for something new and get naturally drawn towards creativity. Conceptualizing my shoots, day dreaming, skimming through fashion magazines and exploring music is what I love doing the most. A complete lover of everything vintage.




Where are you from?

I was born in Hyderabad, partly brought up in Arabia.

What is your star sign?

I’m a Gemini




What typical traits do you have from your star sign?

Versatile, Ambitious, Inquisitive, Imaginative and Free-Spirited




If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be?

A lot of people actually. I would want to meet the Olsen Twins and understand how they keep their personal style so interesting and see if we have anything in common since I share my birthday with them. I would also love to meet Victoria Beckham and get an understanding of the business of fashion, and Daria Werbowy, Kate Moss, Lakshmi Menon (who happen to be my favorite models) and get some lessons on modelling from them.




Your favourite account on Instagram?

@permillion44 and @fixated_f are my current favorites.


Jagermeister or Tequila?





Favorite place to unwind in the city?

Any place that serves yummy garlic prawns, grilled salmon and mocktails with a nice view of the city and great music. Or even a terrace of a building with a great company.


Your 3 favourite apps at the moment, you just can’t live without?

Instagram, Shopping List – so I don’t miss out on a single thing and Coin toss for when I’m stuck on taking a decision (Black or blue? You get it!).


Your top 3 favorite products on

Tricky to pick just 3. But here you go:


1. Nave New Age- Glossy Brown Sunglasses

2. Easy Recipe Journal – Brown

3. Take a Ride Frame





Hope you enjoyed the post!





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