I DRESS FOR THE APPLAUSE is Naznin Suhaer’s creative outlet that mainly focuses on Content creation, Creative/ Art Direction, Advertising, Styling and Conceptual projects apart from chronicling her views on fashion and beauty.


The blog aims at exploring the world of fashion and beauty while coming up with innovative ideas and collaborating with like minded brands and people.


A fashion degree holder from NIFT (Hyderabad, India), Naznin has worked on various collaborations and self-initiated projects playing the roles of a Creative Director, Conceptualizer, Stylist and a Model within I Dress for the Applause.


The blog mainly undertakes commissioned projects and creative social media campaigns. I Dress for the Applause only endorses brands that align well with the blog aesthetics with no promotion icons or advertisement banners on the website or it’s social media platforms.


The blog believes in gaining organic following since numbers have never been the objective of I Dress for the Applause.


For collaborations and inquiries, contact : idressfortheapplause@gmail.com


Based at Hyderabad, India.