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Juice Salon


The second part of my review is finally here. Just in case you don’t know, I had a hair makeover at the Juice Salon (Hyd) few days ago, Part –I of which you can check out here.

To begin with the review, the treatment started with a hair wash to prep my hair for the next steps that were going to be carried out after a little chat I had with the hair expert Ram, discussing my hair type and what I was looking for. I always love a nice hair wash at a good salon even when I’m not going for a cut. Really works for when I’m feeling down and tired.

Post the wash, the stylist started with my haircut. I wasn’t looking for a drastic change and didn’t want to reduce my hair length. However, I wanted something that could get me rid of the split ends and gave my hair some volume and style. The stylist gave my hair some cool layers that I really loved without chopping away too much.

Next was –hair coloring. It had been three years that I had colored my hair ( I had red streaks back then) and this time I wanted something that didn’t look too flashy. After going through the color catalog, I selected a shade of blonde and decided to go for ombre highlights. Since my hair hasn’t been treated with color in a long time and is a little too dark, it took more than the usual time for them to get dyed. It’s not showing much in these pictures but the beauty of it is it starts showing more after a month or so when it’s fading.

After coloring my hair, came the most important part- a hair spa. My hair is naturally very dry and frizzy (read this post). I’ve tried a number of shampoos and conditioners and over the years have learnt to accept them for the way they are. However, I can’t blame them alone for being so dry for I’ve been blow drying & ironing them a lot in the past few days for my shoots (guilty!). Anyway, the spa started with the stylist applying the moisture-infusing hair mask into my hair strand by strand after which I was given the most relaxing massage ever for a good 20 minutes. So much that I almost fell asleep in that super comfy chair. After the massage, my hair was steamed so that the moisture penetrated deeply into each strand bringing back life and sheen to them. A quick wash followed leaving my scalp squeaky clean and my hair was beautifully styled.


The refreshing music, the cold coffee during the treatment, the stylist-Ram who did a fabulous job and the lovely people at Juice made it such a pleasurable experience for me.

I would recommend all of you to try a hair spa here (if not planning for a cut/color) for my hair felt very soft and beautiful after the treatment.

These pictures were taken the next day of the treatment and the curls look opened out a little, but I kind of loved them like that.


Hope you liked the pictures!



P.S: For some reason I’m really obsessing over shades of orange and coral (hence the dress J ). You can check out all my latest obsessions on my Instagram here.

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