December 24, 2015
January 6, 2016
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Photography by Nikkhil Bareli | Styling, Modelling & Editing by Naznin Suhaer


Black Top – Miss Bennett | Skirt – Lara Karen | Shoes –Lavie | Clutch – Paprika


Few hours to go for the New Year to ring in and I’ve mixed feelings about how this year went as I lay on my couch and think about it. If I’m to be honest, the year hasn’t been too kind to me. The deadlines, staying up till late to finish work, grueling shoots and sometimes not enough support to get work done. However, it has taught me a couple of things – to be more flexible, hope for the best but be prepared for everything when things don’t go according to plans, to let go, to be stronger than I was yesterday, to work towards your goals no matter how many people believe or don’t believe in you. Your goals are yours and you know how things are done if you want to reach your destination (even if you’re not sure what that destination it is). Though I’m a very practical person and a firm believer in hard work, over the years, I’ve reconciled to the fact that everything you need will come to you only at the right time, provided you don’t give up and keep working harder and smarter each day. When things get tough, there is always scope and hope for things to get better. It may take time, but if there is anything that pulls you out of your bed every morning despite all the challenges you’re facing, keep going. Don’t give up.

New Year brings in new energy. A chance to start things afresh. To open a new diary, leaving the bad behind and carrying all the good things forward. And as I start writing my goals for 2016, health and well being top my list (something I’ve been very negligent about this year). Resolutions are not meant to be broken and following a healthy diet plan, exercise and sleep is something I will need to strictly keep reminding myself about. Also, going on a digital detox- staying away from my laptop & phone for a couple of days is much much needed.

Keeping it less fussy, I’m wearing a black blingy top along with a dash of some kick-ass red lipstick for the New Year’s Eve. With a renewed spirit and a fresh mind, I look forward to 2016. Bring it on!



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