November 25, 2015
December 5, 2015
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Fashion Magazines have been my biggest source of inspiration and companions in times of boredom. I always love to have my favorite ones lying around and sometimes in my backpack when I know I have to wait for a meeting. The glossy pages, the editorials, the models and designers featured in the magazine, the latest fashion & beauty trends make me a true fashion magazine lover. Everything to inspire you on a bad hair day or when you are feeling dull and gloomy for whatever reasons. I just wonder what amount of hard work goes into creating those images, choosing the cover star, gathering trend reports from across the globe and so much more.  Of course there is a vast team that works collectively to get the copies on stands for us, but there is a lot more work and pressure than one can imagine.  With the rise of digital media and people having kindle editions available at their convenience, considerably less people prefer paper copies these days, me being one of those few people. Nothing can replace the feel of a real copy in your hands, fingers sliding across lustrous pages, and the look of it. Plus, it keeps me away from my computer screen for some time at least.

It always fills my eyes with excitement to come home to a new issue of my favorite magazine and I flip through it the entire day with the yummiest dessert and music that refreshes my mind. My favorite activity!



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