May 20, 2014
May 26, 2014
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“Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time”-Jean Paul Richter


So many birthdays that have been celebrated and so many more to come. Birthdays are such great fun, except for the fact that they remind you that you’re getting old! Hmm!! But the best part about them is that with every birthday you see a more refined version of you in every way.


It’s my birthday on the 13th of June and I reset myself with loads of energy and a hope that every thing I dream of this year would come true by next birthday just like my shopping wishlist does.


Every year before my birthday, I get ready with a wishlist that includes all the things I’ve craved for the whole year and head out on a guilt-free shopping spree.  And as I buy every thing on my list, the crazy shopping demons inside me start to calm down. Lol. I’m such a shopping maniac! So this time too, I’m ready with my wishlist and plan to acquire every single thing I’ve been eyeing this year, unless someone out there in this world is planning to get me all of these (just kidding), anyway, let’s get started! The first one on my list is this tote by MANGO that I’ve been swooning over! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big-bag lover for I love to carry the whole world in it including fruity moisturizers, miniature perfumes, eye gels, glasses, lipcolors, blushes, dark chocolate and what not.


Next is a leather jacket by MANGO again. Man! I’m in love with it and guess.. it’s high time I steal it 😛


Now comes the Big thing! Canon 600D is what I’ve been desperately waiting to own!  Dear God, please be sweet to me this time!


The other things that I really need are those that are going to be a part of my essentials list. That sexy skort by,  that pair of smart brogues,  a lovely matte lipshade by MAC (Mehr) and  that insanely hot pair of cutoff shorts by ZARA.


1.Tote (MANGO) here

2.EOS 600D : here

3.Shorts (ZARA) here

4.Lipstick-Mehr (MAC) here

5.Brogues : here

6.Skort ( here

7.leather jacket (MANGO) here , Similar here (


I’m all excited about my birthday. When is yours’??

Dress for the Applause 😀

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