April 26, 2017
May 11, 2017
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Direction – AJ Aaron & Shivaani | Camera & Edit – AJ Aaron | Makeup – Harshitha Ajmira | Styling & Modelling – Naznin Suhaer






The Film category on I Dress for the Applause is the most awaited one and while I write this post, I go through an immense degree of excitement and happiness.  This takes me back to when I started I Dress for the Applause with lots of ideas in mind, having no clue of the execution possibilities.  I’m grateful for the platform the digital space provides one today to express their creativity and connect with like-minded people.


It couldn’t be more creatively satisfying for I Dress for the Applause to debut in this category while collaborating with a brand like Bhane that believes in contemporary, fashionable yet simple and easy clothing. Clothes that make a statement while keeping it minimal and comfy and not trying too hard. While researching about the brand, I came across an interesting interview of the man – Anand Ahuja, where he talks about the brand. Bhane (pronounced as Bhaanay) in gurmukhi means ‘rising sun’. It’s surprisingly refreshing to see a brand that does not put any logos on their clothes and their ideology is to be identified by the quality and style, not by the name as much.


Talking about like-mindedness, I’m extremely elated to have collaborated with AJ Aaron and Shivaani who played a major role in executing this project. After wanting to work on a project for 6 months now, AJ and I were finally able to work together on this piece. The two creative talents are such beautiful people, making it much more easier for me to work on this project, even after having barely slept the night before. The day began at 3am in the morning, getting my makeup done by my lovely Harshitha who spared an hour out of her super-busy schedule for me without having slept either. Also thank Pinky for doing my hair at the oddest hour.


A shout-out to my lovely girl Shivaani, who was the sweetest thing on the shoot, helping me out with changes in the terrible heat besides directing. And of course, a big thank you to the supremely talented AJ, who I couldn’t have thought of working on this project without.


I hope you liked the film. Lots more to explore and lot more to do. Care to tag along on this new journey of mine?





  1. Rubi says:

    Love it Naznin!

    xx Rubi

  2. Jessica says:

    You are so talented! That is such a beautiful film!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. Margot says:

    Such an amazing video !
    I love all theses street looks.

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