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April 4, 2018
June 7, 2018
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Cinematography, Direction & Post-Production – AJ Aaron | Co-direction – Shivaani Vaishnavi | Concept, Creative Direction, Styling & Modelling – Naznin Suhaer | Hair & Makeup – Ayesha Ak | Photography – Soul Worth






I’m loving every bit of how I Dress for the Applause is moving into this direction of working with potential brands and conceptualizing and creative-directing content for them. This is something that I always wanted to do and it gives me immense amount of satisfaction to be able to execute my ideas. Past 2 months have been the busiest of all leaving me with no time to update this space or even Instagram if I must say. My love for photography and the learning has slightly taken a back-seat( though only at a very amateur level at the moment) for I’m trying to churn out the time and squeeze in so much that I have been wanting to do –  little by little.

In terms of shooting this project for the brand, the weather wasn’t the most favorable, however the clothes made it so much of an easier process. Beautiful prints and calming colors, I could call them the ones you would could wear any season, summers or even fall and winters with some layering. That’s the beauty of the brand that they create clothes for anyone who gives comfort and fashion equal amounts of preference, clothes you can breathe in.


A special thanks and praise to Ayesha for making this last minute collaboration work and giving me a barely-there-makeup look. Using minimal number of products on my face only made it easier for me to brave the sun the entire day. Her extensive knowledge of colors, skin, hair, textures and the effortless precision she works with only made me realize how getting makeup done or doing it yourself is so much a process to relish, sometimes therapeutic in my case and not just work at all.


Signing off with a heart filled with warmth, love and some memories. The ones that’ll stay with me, for a very long time.




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