November 11, 2015
November 21, 2015
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Life could be so much better if we did not hurt anyone, if we said sorry without waiting for the other person to do so. If we made efforts to make one feel better without expecting nothing in return. If we didn’t talk behind someone’s back, instead talked to them to sort out the differences.  If we did not just run after money but valued emotions instead.


Caught up in ourselves, we often forget to love the ones who care for us.

We miss out on giving them the attention they need; blame it on the feeling that makes you feel they are always going to be around. The known fact that we keep talking about (usually as per our convenience which is sad) is that- life is uncertain. Yes it is. In every way. We can have control only on certain controllable aspects of life. Have no regrets, live life to the fullest. Do what your heart desires. But also grab that one chance you get to make the people in your life feel happy and loved. Say everything you haven’t said yet, for the time will never be just right, for you do not know what the next minute has in store for you. For you don’t know how close you are to lose someone.


Dedicating this post to my grandma who must be in a better place now.


Signing off with a profound thought by Coco Chanel-

‘The dead are not dead as long as we think about them’



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