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Lily Aldridge for Maxim Magazine


Most of us have the tendency to put on that extra flab due to irregular work hours, binge eating and stress. But no matter what, there is no excuse to take things easy when it comes to health and beauty. There are so many cute clothes lying in your wardrobe that do not fit anymore, waiting to be worn again after years. So hit the gym, do yoga, kick boxing, Pilates or whatever works for you. It’s extremely important to take time out for yourself no matter how busy you are. Plan your fitness schedule according to your office or college timings. Have a target set for yourself and keep a count of the number of days you have missed gymming by marking your calendar reguarly.  Have your favorite fashion icon’s picture hung in your room to keep yourself inspired and motivated. Be patient and don’t lose hope. Working hard always leaves you with long lasting results. Remember, Rome was not built in a day


Concentrate on your diet. Fad diets don’t work. Do have lots of grilled chicken, fish, prawns and eggs if you are a non-vegetarian. Avoid rice for dinners. have oats, brown rice instead. Consult your doctor for vitamins that makeup for all that you’re missing in your everyday diet. I’ve a sweet tooth and avoiding a dessert is almost impossible for me. I feel it’s ok to indulge and workout a li’l extra


My favorite breakfast is Kellogs K. I throw in some fruits like bananas. strawbs and nuts to make it tastier and healthier.


It’s always good to browse through the content available online and try to craft a diet plan that doesn’t not contains foods that are difficult to find. We get too lazy to hit the supermarket that’s far off to pick up what we need and eventually lose interest. So be realistic.


I always carry some almonds and walnuts in my handbag to satisfy my in-between- work cravings. If you work,  this post I had done few months ago must help you with keeping fit and healthy.


Go on a water cleanse. Most of us don’t consume the amount of water our body needs everyday due to our hectic work schedules and lifestyles. However, make sure you have 4 litres of water at least on the weekends. Place four 1 liter bottles in your fridge and keep a count so you finish all four of them. Squeeze in half a lemon and add honey to your water bottle to make it interesting for yourself. Green smoothies are also a good for detoxification.


Have lots of green tea (make sure it’s decaffeinated). It eliminates the fat and toxins from the body.


Watch great movies, read good books, magazines, try different skincare remedies to beautify your skin.


Remember that one can never be perfect; however, your hard work and efforts will for sure highlight your beauty camouflaging those little flaws. Stay inspired and keep your spirits high!


Hope you liked this post 🙂


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