GULNARE re--4x
February 7, 2019
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ZB re-4

ZB re-4

ZB re

ZB re-8

ZB re-11

ZB re-5x

ZB re-3

ZB re-9

ZB re-14

ZB re-12

ZB re-15


This post has been sitting in my archives for the past 4 months, precisely shot a couple of days before I got my hair colored.  It so happens sometimes that you keep procrastinating and end up not posting at all. However, I’m glad these set of images are finally seeing the light of day.


I somehow like this look a lot since it’s different from my usual choice of outfits that include dresses of all kinds. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I’m more of a ‘dress’ person than a denim or a trouser/culottes lover. Also, I currently have the urge to color my hair back to black. Not quite sure of what I would do next with them. But leaving you with these images for now before I head out for a long day of errand-runs and meetings. Hope you have a wonderful day!









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